What you want to know about Fullerene Oils

Before you begin taking Fullerene Oil

Write down how you feel physically and mentally at this moment. Note both your overall feelings and very specific observations and/or complaints.

After having started

Note in the future daily what you observe physically and mentally, both changes and constant observations. With this diary you can log your well-being in the longer term and better compare it to the original situation.

How to store

Always store the fullerene oil in a lightproof place and at room temperature (for example, in a kitchen cabinet).

How to use
  • Take a small teaspoon of Fullerene Oil (about 2.5 ml) every morning after standing up on an empty stomach. A small teaspoon equals to filling the dropper three times and emptying it on the spoon.
  • Take the Fullerene Oil.
  • Then eat an apple (no other fruit). The apple helps to digest the Fullerene Oil. If you cannot chew an apple, you can also eat apple sauce or drink apple juice. However, these should not contain added sugars or any other ingredients.

Have your regular breakfast when you feel ready.

  • Take Fullerene Oils only as long as you feel good. Stop intake when your symptoms worsen or when you no longer trust the situation.
  • Observable changes may occur within a few days after the first intake, but may also take several weeks. Monitor carefully what you notice in your body and mind.
  • Fullerene Oils can be taken with different aims. You can take Fullerene Oils to reduce specific complaints or symptoms and/or for your general well-being.
  • As far as we know now there is no time limit to the duration of the intake of Fullerene Oils.
Frequently asked questions

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Fullerene Oils are not medicines. If you have any complaints, please contact your general practitioner or medical specialist.

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