International scientific research

On this page, you will find a selection of international scientific research on Fullerene C60 (also known as C60 Carbon), Shungite and their effects.

Fullerene C60
The basic research:
The life prolonging effects of Fullerene C60 on rats
Comparative efficacy study by long-term application of Fullerene C60 to mice with two control groupsResearch
Fullerene C60 as an anti-ageing antioxidantResearch
Fullerene C60 dissolved in oils: no detectable toxicity on the human skinResearch
Fullerene C60 increases efficacy of cancer inhibitorsResearch
Overview on how Fullerene C60 works around cancerResearch
Fullerene C60 may enhance chemotherapy in killing cancer cellsResearch
Fullerene C60 in the fight against nervous diseasesResearch
Fullerene C60 as protection in the fight against Parkinson’s diseaseResearch
Fullerene C60 in tablet form against colon cancerResearch
Fullerene C60 against various allergic reactionsResearch
Shungite and its anti-inflammatory effect on the skin of hairless miceResearch
Shungite as an anti-inflammatory and purifying mineralResearch
Shungite promotes better cucumber growthResearch
Shungite reduces damage by magnetic UV radiation in ratsResearch
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